Horace Greeley HS Class of 1957

We thank our classmates who have made contributions for the maintenance of this website.

James Chapman
Ann (Decker) Erda
Nancy Hamblen
Jane (Henzel) Kett
Susan (Hoyt) Holloway
Louise (Holsapple) Westover
Bob Judd
Pat (Kinney) Walsh
Bruce & Abby Lepage
Bill Miller
Don Murphy
Anne & Timothy Mygatt
Brian O'Neill
Roy Ruderman
Van Schreiber
Horace & Judy Smith
Betty Ann (Tierney) Mahoney

Abby in a sunflower field

Abby was the original inspiration for creating this web site.     In 2006, while organizing a 50th class reunion, Abby suggested starting a website to encourage classmates to contribute photos and information.

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